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If there is another major profession that has as many available job openings as the nursing field does - I don't know what it is.

There just aren't enough nurses as there are available positions in hospitals and medical care centers around the world.

Both college and hospital-based training programs are cranking out as many nurses as they can, but it is still not enough.

Examples of Health Field WorkersSome schools are turning to online classes and other online-classroom hybrid programs to help bring in more nursing students. And while schools may be graduating near-record levels of students, it isn't enough to satisfy the growing needs of health care professionals around the world.

An online nursing program is different from an actual class-based nursing degree.

Some of the content is the same, but the fact that online learning opens the field up for individuals that would not otherwise have been able to go to the school has increased the number of graduating nurses. There are schools in many of the bigger cities in our country. For example, you can see schools in Austin, Fresno and Long Beach.

Single mothers, individuals forced to work to put themselves through school on a set budget, individuals from low-income families, and anyone unable to leave home for any number of other reasons can now do some of their training to be a nurse without attending a campus-based program every day.

For many, the Web is more accessible than a university or college actually is and provides many of the necessary resources. Students can research assignments, complete computer-based training and can arrange to find initial work in their area when the time comes to put their knowledge into practice.

Although the concept of online learning is still seen as new by many, almost everyone agrees as to its practicality.

Students can select from a range of nursing fields in order to get the diploma that suits them. The courses offered may appeal to different sections of people, but the choice is there for anyone to make themselves. And all schools have guidance officers who will meet with students to answer any of their questions and help them make their decisions.

A potential nursing student may want to check into the possibility of enrolling in some online classes, or they may decide to just attend a traditional campus-based college.

Walden University offers an interactive nursing training experience. Their courses consist of theoretical nursing with an interactive forum that helps students progress at their own pace. Able to communicate with their fellow students, many students feel inspired and work better as a result.

Walden has students from all over the world enrolled in its program and strives to cater to their individual needs. The classes are hard and intensive, but they place an emphasis on learning and mastering the practical skills that every graduating student will need to get started.

Chatham only offers courses to individuals who already have nine months or more experience and who are looking to develop their abilities. It specializes in ensuring that registered nurses are highly trained in the basics, thus providing the best possible care for their future patients and taking better working practices back to their place of work with them.

Loyola University looks to find students who already have a diploma outside of a medical discipline, but who are ready to transition to a nursing career.

Of course, anyone looking for a health care training program or degree should examine all of their options, and there are plenty of options to consider.