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What About Massage

If you have been wanting to learn Swedish massage — what is stopping you?

Swedish (or Classic) massage therapy is taught at many schools around the United States. When you complete the training course, you will be awarded a diploma, degree or certificate of completion.

Nursing and Health Field WorkersStates vary on how massage therapists are regulated. Some states require a license to practice, while others rely merely on certification or registration. But the one thing all states have in common is that there is not an extensive training period that massage students need to go through before they can start working as a professional therapist.

Massage therapy is a growing field and practicing therapists have many different employment opportunities awaiting them.

Trained therapists can go into business for themselves, working when and where they like, or they can work for an established massage center, or as part of a gym, health center, spa or resort. Many people have found that massage training is a quick way to get into a good paying health care career.

If this sounds like if might be the type of career you could see yourself getting involved with, why don't you take a moment and see what kinds of training is available in a city near you.

Not every city has a great school, but most have at least a class or two that can get you started.