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On a different note, let's look at some science majors.

The field of epidemiology is basically the study of disease experienced by humans or animals. Epidemiologists study when, how, and where these diseases occur. An epidemiologist may attempt to determine what exact risk factors are associated with a disease and what factors, if any, may protect people or animals against disease. It's an important field to society. It's a blend of science and medicine. You can enroll in a couple of introductory epidemiology classes to see if it might be right for you.

Pics of Medical Field WorkersMicrobiology is a branch of biology that looks at microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and pathogenic protozoa. A microbiologist is interested in the structure, function, and classification of organisms and how to control and use them.

Since the late 1800s, many disease-causing microorganisms have been observed and identified, and attempts to control their harmful effects have been developed. Plus, ways to channel the activities of the various microorganisms that can benefit medicine and agriculture have been discovered. A microbiology degree can be the start to a fascinating career.

Potential nursing students have plenty of education options. There are schools in most major areas, including Los Angeles or Cleveland.

If books, literature, and research is more your thing, perhaps a career in the library appears enticing. Librarians have come into the modern era and almost every full-time librarian has at least a bachelor's degree with some completed library science courses. And many librarians have a master's degree in library science.

Today's librarians are involved with helping others do research through an array of different media. And not all work in a public library either — many law firms and large companies have their own personal research professionals.